Is my personal information safe?

The security of your credit card and personal data is our highest priority. We do not disclose your personal information for any reason without your permission, unless required by law or any other legal process.
We use the utmost care and security for all information contained in your profile and we guarantee that none of this information will be used without your consent. We will never ask for your credit card details over the phone, via email or any other form of direct communication. Only you can enter your credit card details when making a purchase. We can not save any card details. Finally, we can never charge your card without your explicit permission.

Can I change my registration details?

Select the submenu “My Account” on the home page of www.pinkflow.gr on the top right “Login – Register”. From there you can manage your username, password and address.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Do not worry! Select the field Forgot your Password on the login / registration page and the problem will be solved immediately, sending you an email where we send you a new password, which you can then change to one of your choice. It is very important to always remember the password, because without it you can not make any transaction at www.pinkflow.gr

I do not know how electronic transactions are done, what exactly should I do to buy something that interests me from your website?

It is very simple to order the ones you have chosen through the unique variety of our store!
All you need to do is register a new user at www.pinkflow.gr which is completely free. Choose the products you are interested in (size, color, quantity) from www.pinkflow.gr Then, click the “Add to cart” button and the steps one by one will appear on your screen to fill in your details, the your address and payment method.
Make sure your shopping cart contains all the products you have selected and then click the “Complete Order” button to confirm. Just be careful not to make a mistake, because, after completing the order, you can not make any changes!

Can purchases be made by phone?

Yes… but it is right, all purchases must be processed electronically through www.pinkflow.gr, nevertheless you can always ask for our help by phone, since one of our partners is always available to guide you in any issue you need possibly clarifications. For telephone orders please call here: +30 698 092 6193

How is the payment and the confirmation of the purchase made?

Payments can be made by Cash on Delivery (You must be a registered member of our system), by Bank Deposit or eBanking (See our bank account here), by credit card or by the PAYPAL system.

All credit and prepaid VISA and MasterCard are supported, regardless of the issuing bank (the issuing bank can be inside or outside Greece). Also, all corporate credit cards with the possibility of electronic transactions are supported.

Upon completion of the transaction you receive confirmation of your order on the screen and electronic confirmation of your order in your email. It lists your order code and gives you the opportunity to print the order confirmation.

How Secure Is My Credit Card?

Shopping through www.pinkflow.gr is completely safe! Your credit card number is transmitted through the highest SSL security protocol directly to the banks and no sensitive data of your card is stored on our Servers.

In addition to a simple receipt, can an invoice be issued?

There is this possibility mainly for those who are interested in our wholesale.

How long do I have to wait to receive my purchases?

Regardless of where you are throughout Greece, the average receipt of items ranges from 1 to 5 working days.
For receipts in foreign countries this time ranges from 5 to 15 working days.

How can I track my orders?

The process is very simple: Through the field “My Account” go to the field “My Orders” where you can have full control over the status of your order.

If I combine and combine my orders from different products at the same time will I pay once for the shipping costs?

If you order multiple products in one order then you will receive the products all together paying the shipping costs once.

If the product I received is defective or different from what I ordered what should I do?

In case you received a defective product (eg: broken, torn, etc.) or products that differ from the ones you ordered contact us either by phone at +30 698 092 6193 or by email at info@pinkflow.gr and we will guide you how to return the product.

Will I pay any amount if I return a product I bought?

For defective or incorrect products – the return will be free and we will refund the original shipping costs (if charged). In all other cases, you will receive the value of the items you returned, but not the shipping costs (if charged).

In addition, you will be charged 5 € for the shipping cost of the return which will be deducted from the final amount you will receive. The value of the returned items will be credited to your account within 20 working days from the date of return of your parcel.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

Your order is processed immediately. After confirming your order we will not be able to make changes. Here you can change the shipping address or shipping option.

However, you can cancel your order and submit a new one, as there is a short time after your order is confirmed, which gives you this option.

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